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low.js Hacking Contest 2019

We started developing low.js, the Node.JS port for microcontrollers, early 2018. By now low.js evolved into a powerful runtime which provides a good basis for any microcontroller based project, making it easy to program scalable Internet native electronics projects.

With this blog post we are announcing the 2019 low.js Hacking Contest.

Participants can implement any project with low.js, document it with a video, pictures or a presentation and submit this documentation by the end of March 2019. Based on the criteria below, we will evaluate the submissions in April and award the 3 best submissions with a prize of 500 USD for 1st place, 200 USD for 2nd place and 100 USD for 3rd.

Winners can have the prize money paid out via PayPal or opt to donate the money to an charity of their choice.


Each person or team is entitled to participate in the competition.

The project can be any IoT project, meaning that a low.js flashed microcontroller shall be used which acts as a (web) server or contacts servers on the Internet and also controls electronics.

The criterias according to which we will evaluate the projects:

  • Projects should either be useful or a piece of art
  • Unique ideas
  • The project should connect the Internet with electronics (= IoT)

The jury is the team of neonious, the makers of the neonious one microcontroller board.

How to take part

Submit your entry to till end of March 31st, 2019 to take part in the contest. The entry should consist of

  • Person/team name
  • Short introductory text about person/team and a short introductory text about the project
  • Documentation in form of a video, pictures with text or a presentation
  • The source code with runs on your low.js flashed microcontroller

We will confirm your submission via e-mail.

Both the documentation and the source code will only be published by us if you give us explicit permission. In case of your submission being awarded, we will request your permission to publish parts of your documentation.

For any questions regarding the contest or low.js, feel free to contact us!

Happy hacking!

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